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Floatation Therapy

What is Floating?

Our pod at Chill Massage and float holds 800 liters of water with 375kgs of epsom salt dissolved in it. When you lie down you float to the surface of the water as the buoyant nature of the water and salt combined makes you float like a cork on top of the water. Much like the dead sea.
The water temperature is  the same as the average body temperature, so when you close your eyes and relax it's hard to tell if if you have a body at all. The near zero gravity effect is incredibly resting and relaxing for sore and fatigued bodies. The pod filters out sound and light.
The not seeing, feeling or hearing anything at all (sensory deprivation) takes us to a theta brain wave state. This can take some years of meditating to achieve this. We believe floating is an incredible tool that can help with many physical mental and emotional challenges.

  • Benefits Of Floating Open or Close

    Promotes relaxation.
    Increases endorphin's.
    Decreases physical and mental stress.
    Rejuvenates and refreshes.
    Improves sleep.

    Reduces feelings of anxiety,fear and depression.
    Helps over come phobias,habits and addictions.
    Improves concentration and thought clarity.
    Increases problem solving ability.
    Facilitates a deeper meditation.

    Right and left brain synchronization.
    Promotes concentrated visualization for creative or physical performance.
    Reduces recovery and rehabilitation time.
    Relieves new and chronic pain.
    Improves the circulation of blood.

    Improves blood pressure and heart rate.
    Decreases cortisol,lactic acid and adrenaline production.
    Reduces many pregnancy aches and pains.
    Minimizes the effects of jet lag.
    Enhances super learning.
    Increases energy levels.

  • F A Q's Open or Close

    Q.Do I need to bring any thing?
    A.Not at all. You must use the shampoo and body wash provided before you float. But, after your float you are welcome to use your own toiletries. Sukin organic natural skin care products are provided for you including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizers, cleansers and toner. A luxurious towel is also provided.

    Q.What if I am claustrophobic?
    A.It is actually quite spacious in the pod so it's not claustrophobic for most. You are in total control and can have the lid open a little or a lot. You can also have the lights on if you like. 

    Q.How is the pod cleaned?
    A.The entire contents of the pod are pumped through a very thorough filter. With an ultra violet process to disinfect the water between each session. A hydrogen peroxide solution gets rid of bacteria and viruses by sterilizing the water.

    Q.Can I float while menstruating?
    A.No, sorry the cleanliness of the pod water is a big priority for us.

    Q.Can I float while pregnant?
    A.Yes, but not in the first 12 weeks or last 3. The buoyant nature of the water can help you escape many pregnancy discomforts. 

    Q.Will I fall asleep?
    A.Some people do. It's completely safe to do so. It is impossible to sink and nearly impossible to accidentally turn over.

    Q.Can I wear my contacts in the pod?
    A.No. Please take them out before floating.

    Q.Will my skin turn wrinkly and pruny? 
    A.Your skin will feel incredibly smooth due to the emollient nature of the epsom salts.

  • You Cannot Float If.... Open or Close

    Have newly dyed hair with dye still running.
    You are incontinent
    Have open wounds.
    Have severe hyper tension,

    Are under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.
    Have epilepsy.
    Serious psychological conditions.Have fake tan products on or henna tattoos.
    Have a pace maker or serious heart condition.

    Have had gastro-enteritis or diarrhea in the last 48 hours.Have had chemotherapy in the last 8 weeks.
    Under 18 without parental supervision.
    Had a tattoo in the last two weeks and it is still healing.
    Have shaved or waxed in the last 24 hours. (it will sting way too much and distract you from your float experience.)
    You have vertigo.

  • Before You Float Open or Close

    Eat a small meal 2-3 hours before you float. You don't want a noisy hungry tummy or digestive noises (from a large meal) to distract your float.
    Do not consume caffeine or energy drinks or recreational drugs or alcohol.
    Drink a few glasses of water in the 2-3 hours before your float.
    Arrive a few minutes before your appointment time and turn you phone off or on silent before you come in.
    Ensure you have read all F.A.Q's and You can't float if paragraphs.

  • Money Back Guarantee Open or Close

    At Chill Massage & Float we really believe that spending time floating is beneficial for many inflammatory conditions. So we are putting our money where our mouth is, offering a money back guarantee on our 3 float package for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia but terms and conditions do apply.

    T & C's for Float money back guarantee.
    A triple flotation pack must be purchased. All 3 floats need to be taken within 4 weeks (preferably 3 weeks). All floats must be at least 60 minutes long and all instructions must be followed. A doctors certificate must be shown to prove illness. So if you are able to honestly say you have no reduction in swelling and inflammation, no sleep improvement and no relief at all from pain. Chill Massage & Float will refund you. Should you have any questions please Email or phone Rachel  027 4420259.

  • Basic Hygiene & Sanitation Open or Close

    At Chill Massage & Float we are very serious about hygiene and sanitation. We adhere to the Float Tank Association's very strict guidelines. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is used to sanitise the water at the end of day and in between clients. The water is also put through an ultra violet light as it is filtered. This happens in between clients, many times daily and also overnight. At Chill Massage & Float we believe our water to be in a pristine state.

Chill Massage Prices

At The Clinic -
$50 per half hour
$85.00 per hour
$130.00 for 90 minutes.

Mobile Services -
$100.00 per hour. Minimum 1 hour.
Mobile Booking must be arranged via phone or email.

Chill Float Pod Prices

$99.00 Per Float or $250 for a pack of 3.

Chill Massage & Float Prices

Float & 1 hour Massage $169.00
Float & 30 minute Massage $139.00

Double Delicious Deluxe Pamper Package

3 hours, One friend floats while the other is massaged, then swap-over.-So delicious!
$315.00 for 2 people

Monday, Tuesday Thursday & Friday   10am - 5pm
Wednesday  10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm by appointment


Having had chronic back pain for most of my adult life, finding Rachel has been amazing for me. Her deep tissue massage is not only therapeutic but extremely comforting, and I invariably come away feeling both physically and mentally renewed. I can’t thank her enough.
Eva Wilson, Motueka.

With the sudden loss of my husband, I needed a bit of me time to get my body and mind back into the world of the living, and loosen all the stress I was keeping in. When I walked into Rachel’s massage therapy business, I felt immediately calmer and knew I’d made the right choice of therapist. I’ve been coming to Rachel for over 2 years now, my mind is back in the land of the thinking, and am stressless. Now I go just for me. I highly recommend her to everyone for a healthy mind, body and soul.
Janis, Motueka

"Ohhhh sooo awesome!!!! We have just had a corporate massage at work. Rachel bought her portable chair in (that I want for my desk!) and gave us the most blissful relaxing massage everyone needs, to de-stress. We found that you weren't aware of that work environment around you, and it was great for work moral and a nice relaxing way to start the week. We will be doing this again! Thank you so much Rachel, you are excellent at what you do, and have a great personality to boot! I think everyone in Motueka should give this a go!"
Sonia, Nelson

I've now had both a salt pod float experience and deep tissue massage with Rachel. Both were incredibly relaxing, rewarding and uplifting experiences. As someone who has suffered from chrons disease and had multiple abdominal surgeries this year, taking the time out to unwind and allow my body to relax have been crucial to my recovery and healing. Rachel is professional, experienced and clearly passionate about her work. I highly recommend them and their work. Thank you Rachel!!"
Johny, Motueka

Having suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for a number of years I was really excited when I saw Chill Massage was going to be offering float tank therapy. To date I have had a number of floats and am amazed each time as the pain relief is more extended between floats and my joints feel more free. I would highly recommend Chill Massage & Float to everyone especially suffers of arthritis or people in any pain. I'm looking forward to seeing my specialist next month to tell him all about it.!"
Lisa, Motueka

Floating took all the pressure and weight off that I have to carry during pregnancy and relieved my body also for a long time afterwards. It was very peaceful and private floating with my baby,it was like both of us in a womb. 
Michaela Heller