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Chill Massage and Float is temporarily closed until we open in a new country location in the upcoming Spring / Summer. All gift vouchers will be honoured but you will need to contact Rachel before the expiry date printed on your voucher. Please note expired vouchers will no longer be honoured. 

I love my regular floats with Rachel @ Chill Massage and Float. from the moment you walk through the door you are made to feel welcome and special. I initially was concerned that being enclosed would be an issue, but once you are there and its dark, you could be simply lying in a dark open room and the fact there is a lid on the pod was not an issue at all. I find the magnesium great for gym recovery for my muscles, but the biggest benefit for me is being able to quieten my mind a lot quicker which has lead to me being able to relax quicker and sleep better. if you haven't tried one- book now and you wont regret it!

My session allowed my body the chance to let go and be held without my energy to float. I could have stayed longer in the tank. Afterwards I wanted to sleep for an hour I was so relaxed.

I thoroughly enjoyed my float, was super peaceful and released tension in my muscles. It refreshed my mind and reset body & soul, can't wait to do it again. 

Well it is truly an different experience, nothing like anything else I have experienced. Well worth having a go and do doing for yourself.
Would recommend this to anyone needing some stress relief from either body or mind.

I find the float session totally relaxing and rejuvenating. More importantly it is a great tool for me to use in my journey toward mindfulness. In my first session I drifted off into a total state of "being", a wonderful space. I will definitely keep visiting the pod !

I used the float pods after a brain trauma that put me out of work for 4 months. Through this stressful time the float sessions gave me a sense of deep relaxation, and ease, which helped me to focus better and have a more positive outlook. 

J. A
I received a voucher for a gift. Was a little concerned about floating.... and especially for an hour, with nothing to do but relax...... It was amazing!!!! The time went really quick. I completely relaxed and floated with no effort. Felt really good when I got out. anxiety levels dropped and aches were minimal. Definitely recommend it.

For me, the float was about release and a new type of freedom....loved it both times. Rachel was so very much there for me from the very beginning and also went through the process again the second time which was important...thank you,
One of the best things I have experienced.

Friends joke that if anyone stands near me long enough I will tell them about floating! It is true, I am convinced that it is the ultimate healing modality especially when combined with other practices like remedial massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and even counseling. Floating has been a wonderful tool to help me achieve lasting healing of anxieties, trauma and physical issues. It would take me a week of intensive meditation to reach the deep state of stillness and relaxation that I experience from one hour of floating.

I had experienced the benefits of floatation tanks in the 90's and was delighted to hear there was one only an hours drive from the airport, halfway home to where I live. On my last return journey from overseas after an intense 2 weeks of work, I was able to book a spontaneous time with Rachel and stop in to have a float on my way home. It was just the perfect way to rest my mind and body, and bring restoration to my whole system. It fully reduced my jetlag, and gave me the perfect transition back into a busy life at home that was waiting for me! As a health advocate, I would thoroughly recommend anyone needing to resource them selves and increase their energy and health by taking a float.

I absolutely loved the experience of being in the pod. It was so serene to just float and not feel any pressure, the temperature was surprisingly just right and I felt quite emotional once the session was over and I had to "step back into my body ". Thoroughly recommend a massage afterwards! 

Highly recommended - I got a very friendly welcome from the Chill team. The facilities are excellent and private, AND there was space to park my car.

How often do we try something new especially to indulge yourself. Not very often! Our body and mind is so important and we expect so much from it. It deserves a treat!